What if we all put our heads together on this?

Faced with growing urban challenges, the Kirchberg Fund has implemented a new approach to design, co-creation. Increasingly widespread in the industry, it defines innovation as an open process which brings all stakeholders together, including future users. It starts from the principle that there is no single model that will provide a solution to all the economic, social and environmental problems.

That is why, for its future projects, the Fund is encouraging collaborative working between multidisciplinary teams, instead of the conventional competitions between architects’ offices. Architects, engineers and landscape designers, external experts, along with residents, all reflect together as projects are launched.

The experience gained since 2015 with Quartier Stuff, the aim of which is to promote nearness and dialogue with the citizen, has shown that there is a real desire on the part of residents to invest in shaping their neighbourhood. Residents are consulted, above all, over temporary uses of brownfield sites, their redevelopment and the choice of future activities in the district.

The specifications concerning town planning, the technical specifications and the programme specifications (environment, mobility, management of resources, energy efficiency, access to affordable, quality housing) which urban design and architectural projects need to satisfy are all gaining in complexity, in parallel.

The co-creation process looks to encourage the development of innovative concepts, whilst addressing demographic growth and the pressure on the property market. It allows for reflections to be incorporated at an early stage, with a view to answering all these challenges.


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