Grünewald West

The initial sketches envisage a largely residential district, with around 350 housing units articulated around a central square. Motorised traffic will be banned from the heart of the district. A “mobility hub” will bring together all the car parking spaces planned for the district into one area (0.8 spaces per dwelling, including parking spaces for visitors). The Fund has taken the decision to sell a plot of land to the Waldorf School, so that it can locate in this district (10,000 m2 gross building area).

A multidisciplinary team will refine the urban development plan, looking at (amongst other things) the following issues:

  • Soft mobility (grouped parking, promoting co-mobility with a service station specially designed for bicycles, and traffic calming throughout the Grünewald district);
  • Energy (maximising renewable energy, feeding the entire district);
  • Mixed functions (possible synergies with the Waldorf School, the Rehazenter and the new hotel/Live & Work site of the Grünewald mixed-use project).
  • Water management (closed cycle for the entire district);
  • City farms.

Technical file

Area: housing 38.748 m2 SCB, shops and local services 625 m2 SCB, offices 1250 m2 gross building area, « Mobility Hub » 3341 m2 gross building area, school 10 000 m2 gross building area).

Urban architects: Dewey Muller

Landscape architects: Lill + Sparla

Consulting engeneers: Luxplan (mobility) ; +Impakt (circular economy/C2C)

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