A new district, in the heart of the plateau

A truly mixed district, with a good balance of housing, shops and offices, Laangfur will play a vital role in the plateau’s mobility, since it will represent a key transport axis.

The specific nature of the “Laangfur” site is that it is, for the most part, in the hands of private owners and developers. The Kirchberg Fund holds around 20% of the land. Following instructions obtained from the owners, the following specifications were formulated for drawing up a development plan:

  • Guaranteeing a balanced social mix and a strong identity for residents;
  • Creating a district where distances are shorter, with local, quality shops and services;
  • Establishing a balance between residential and employment uses;
  • Creating a district with low traffic, with a high percentage of movements being realised via active mobility;
  • Developing a hierarchical network of green spaces, integrating the ideas of ecological corridors and pathways. 

Relating to the existing urban network, the development plan adopted by the owners (concept by Tatiana Fabeck Architectes) envisages three ways into the site, by extending Rue de Kirchberg and Rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, and with a road off the roundabout on Boulevard Pierre Frieden. A tram line, coming from Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, connects the site to the rest of the Plateau. A market square, as the focal centre of the district, is located at the point where these three routes and the tram come together.

A green corridor, intended to become a place for meeting up and leisure, traverses the islands of buildings from west to east, originating in Rue de Kirchberg and ending on Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, at the entrance to the Réimerwee district.

Responding to the surrounding built context, the islands gradually become less dense and lower in height as you move away from Boulevard Konrad Adenauer towards the “Märtesgronn” nature reserve. Tatiana Fabeck proposes developing various types of housing, depending on its location within the site (greater volumes along the tram line, buildings with five to seven floors opening onto the green corridor, and multi-family housing units over two to four floors to the north-west of the site). A school campus with primary schools, daycare centres, a sports complex and a boarding school are planned in the north-east, near the Boulevard Pierre Frieden roundabout.



Technical file

Area: 24 ha

Urban architects: Fabeck architectes (Luxembourg)

Progress status: Project

Start of works: 2023

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