Public art

Making room for creation

Works of art in the public spaces form part of the change of approach to urbanisation started at the beginning of the the 1990s. 

Most of the works have been sponsored by companies established on the Plateau. Should the Kirchberg Fund consider that the impact on the public space carries particular importance, it can, itself, decide to invest in the installation of a work of art. As a public organisation, the Fund also organises consultations with artists as part of the “1% for art” of public buildings. The construction of its head office is an example. The result was Luxembourg artist Trixi Weis’s reinterpretation of the town clock, clearly visible from Avenue John F. Kennedy. The next building to benefit from a work of art financed by the Fund will be the station at the Serra roundabout exchange hub, for which the Fund is the client.

The latest of the works of art installed in the public space is called Dendrite, by the Canadian artist Michel de Broin. This yellow metal structure has been set up at the centre of the maze, a green space in the Parc Central, close to the National Sports Centre. In extension of this art intervention,

the Fund, in partnership with the Casino Forum d’art contemporain, took the decision to organize a biennale entitled “1+1” in the maze.

For the first edition in 2017, the proposal by the Luxembourg artists Charles Wennig & Laurent Daubach was retained. In 2019, the Fund and Casino Luxembourg chose among four concepts, the one which would best suit the atmosphere of the place. It was Slow Teleport by Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley.

Dendrite by Michel De Broin

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