European Convention Center

Where Europe meets

The European Convention Center regularly hosts Council of Ministers’ meetings. Other than during these political gatherings, it is available to any other organiser of congresses, conferences and trade events.

The European Convention Center (ECCL) is situated to the south of the Place de l’Europe, at the foot of the Alcide De Gasperi Building. This complex forms part of the reorganisation of the working of the departments of the European Union, following its expansion to 28 Member States. The rectangular orientation of the ECCL, on the Place de l’Europe, some 300 m in length and 10 m in height, marks out the new substructure of the Alcide De Gasperi Tower and forms its link to the Place de l’Europe. The main feature of the design is the large plenary hall.

With a total capacity of 1,100, the first row – in accordance with the European protocol – comprises 100 seats, making it possible to accommodate the members of the delegations from each Member State. This room is complemented by 28 translation booths, for translation into the various languages of the European Union, and a press centre capable of accommodating up to 3.500 journalists. The ECCL welcomes the Council of Ministers to Luxembourg during the months of April, June and October each year.

What’s more, it is a venue that is perfectly adapted as a home for major events: conferences, congresses, exhibitions, receptions, product presentations, annual meetings, banquets, seminars, virtual or hybrid events, etc. In total, the ECCL offers two plenary halls, an auditorium, eight meeting rooms and 30 workshop rooms. Lastly, three light-filled modular foyers which can be adapted from 350 to 2,600 m2 are ideal for fairs, salons and outstanding party evenings.

The ECCL is part of the Convention Park which brings together a total of 68 conference venues, four hotels, and twelve bars and restaurants, along with two arts centres of international standing in MUDAM, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Philharmonie, for cultural excursions.  

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