National Library of Luxembourg (BnL)

A library for the 21st century

The National Library (Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg, BnL) is Luxembourg’s largest cultural, scientific and research library.

Situated opposite the Deutsche Bank and KPMG Luxembourg, to the right of the infilling of the old Bricherhof interchange, the new library today brings together all the book stocks and services of the Bibliothèque Na - tionale de Luxembourg (BNL) on a single site. Previously, they were scattered over six different sites.

Le The first spade of earth for this brand new building was turned in June 2014. Five years of construction and four months of relocation for over 40 km of documents later, the new BNL opened its doors to the public on the 1st of October, 2019.

The BNL is the country’s largest library with a stock of over 1.8 million physical items and a growing number of digital publications. To make reading more attractive and to stimulate intellectual curiosity, new reading rooms will enable direct access to up to 300 000 works. The main reading room will be on the 3rd floor at the back of the building, above the storage areas and with a view over the Parc Réimerwee. The media library, offering audio-visual and auditory material, as well as equipment for independent language learning, will be on the 2nd floor on the Boulevard Konrad Adenauer side. A total of 11 carrels will be available to satisfy a growing number of users wanting to work in groups without disturbing other library users. A special, supervised reading room will be reserved for the consultation of rare or precious documents. A music room will enablemusicologists and interested individuals to play the scores being consulted.

The new National Library is organised into seven sections with a total usable surface area of 24 000 m2 consisting of:

  • receptrion, 2220 m2
  • reference rooms, 6330 m2
  • storage areas, 11 800 m2
  • offices and other administrative areas of the internal departments, 1770 m2
  • administration, 500 m2
  • general logistics, 900m2
  • Grand Ducal Institute, 500 m2 An underground parking area for 128 cars. 

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