A favoured destination for music lovers 

In the Philharmonie, the Kirchberg can pride itself on being home to one of Europe’s most prestigious concert halls.

Designed by the architect Christian de Portzamparc, the elegant silhouette of the Philharmonie ranges over the Place de l'Europe: 823 sleek, white columns form a transparent envelope for its foyer and Grand Auditorium. The main element of the Philharmonie is the Grand Auditorium, whose stage is sufficiently large to accommodate 140 musicians and a choir of 190 singers. Inspired by an agora surrounded by buildings, as reflected in its combination of stage, stalls, organ and eight towers of boxes to the sides, the Grand Auditorium can seat up to 1,472 people in the audience and can be configured to optimise the acoustics for the various types of concert.

The Philharmonie also features a 300-seater hall for chamber music, capable of accommodating groups of 40 musicians. It is housed in a space exterior to the main building, in a cone shape. In addition, the Philharmonie features a Discovery Space (Espace Découverte) that can seat 120 people, located in the two basement levels along with the practice rooms and the technical facilities. This cultural institution of international standing is also the home of the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra.

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