Affordable housing


An ambitious programme

The Kirchberg Fund is seeking to include a wide range of affordable housing in its offer, both for rent and for sale.

To address the soaring price of real estate and the shortage of affordable accommodation, the Kirchberg Fund imposes ceiling prices on the developers and house-builders it works with to realise its housing projects. The land is made available solely under an emphyteusis arrangement with a 99-year term, such that the Kirchberg Fund retains a right of pre-emption.

While currently 32% of the accommodation can be considered affordable, the Fund has set itself the target that, with time, two-thirds of all accommodation under its remit will be affordable, whether as projects launched jointly with private developers in accordance with the specific conditions of the Fund, or together with public developers like the Société Nationale des Habitations à Bon Marché (SNHBM).

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