Community gardens

Cultivating the ground between neighbours

A true contemporary phenomenon, urban gardens are becoming increasingly popular. Their aims: reconnecting with nature, knowing where fruits and vegetables come from, and dialogue with other residents.

A community garden is a garden created, cultivated and managed by a group of residents. The gardens on the Kirchberg are cultivated in line with environmental criteria, i.e. without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and with no genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).

Following the major success of the temporary vegetable patches, the Kirchberg Fund has built new community gardens, as a more permanent arrangement, on plots in the Grünewald district.

The gardens are reserved for residents in the district, to enable gardeners to get to them without a car and to meet up there with neighbours and friends from the area. They are managed by Quartier Stuff Grünewald asbl.

In collaboration with Auchan supermarket, the Fund has also installed collaborative gardens, also open to those working on the Kirchberg. Unlike the community gardens, where the members have their own patch of ground, upkeep of the collaborative gardens is a collective effort. Supervision of the gardening work is handled by the Belgian company Skyfarms, whose charges are paid by Auchan.

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