A population that joins in

A laboratory for urban innovation, Quartier Stuff exploits collaborative creativity to resolve today’s urban challenges. The philosophy? Starting from the citizen, to innovate.

Since 2015, the Kirchberg Fund has been actively involving residents in shaping the framework to their lives, thus becoming a trailblazer in participatory urban development planning. Out of the GAP (Grünewald Activity Partnership) project, the aim of which was to boost the vitality of the district by working with local residents in developing brownfield sites located in the heart of the Grünewald district, a laboratory of social innovation was born for developing models of citizen participation, which can later be transferred to other districts on the Kirchberg. The aim is to build a sustainable community, to ensure social and geographical cohesion.

Become an actor in your district

The purpose is to promote nearness, interaction and citizen participation. The importance of dialogue and of the social contact embodied by a “Stuff”, a homey sitting room and a crucial part of Luxembourgish life, are more relevant than ever today. Currently based in the Grünewald district, the Quartier Stuff is, in the long term, a project which can be moved to other districts on the Kirchberg. Incidentally, the not-for-profit association "Quartier Stuff Grünewald" was born out of activities initiated by the Kirchberg Fund, developing a life of its own over time.

It is an evolutionary approach, where you learn a little with each step. Adopting a participative process, Quartier Stuff seeks to find new pathways in facing up to social complexity and to resolve today’s complex urban challenges. In using Design Thinking methods, the Quartier Stuff works within a co-creational logic with citizens, attaching great importance to observation of the terrain.

The Fund wants to provide residents and those who work on the Kirchberg, whatever their age or nationality, with a collaborative and inclusive tool which will enable them to become actors in their district. That’s the Quartier Stuff challenge!


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