Transformation of Rue Erasme

A street changes its appearance

The project forms part of the Fund’s wish to create a district on a human scale, as envisaged by the Danish urban architect Jan Gehl, whose office advised the Fund for its initiative.

The design for Rue Erasme consists of converting a corridor for motorised traffic into a lively local street that encourages soft mobility, heading for the new districts. The challenge is to reduce the number of streets given over to cars and to narrow them, as a traffic-calming measure. A “flex zone” on either side of the road can provide short-term parking spaces (for deliveries, drop-offs or disabled parking), waiting zones for public transport and green amenities. A safe cycle path, clearly separated from the rest of the traffic, is planned in both directions.

Following the recommendations of the Gehl office, the transformation will not be limited just to changing the face of Rue Erasme. This is because this road represents a transverse link of growing importance, having regard to the development of the new residential districts, notably the Kennedy South, Rue Tony Rollman and former Eurocontrol sites. To achieve maximum coherence between the design of the public space and the built environment, these zones will be included in the thinking for the new redevelopment of Rue Erasme. Several adjacent roads will be directly affected by this intervention, in some cases requiring a reconfiguration due to safety considerations and for deliveries to the neighbouring European Institutions.

In future, Rue Erasme will bring together the various functions along the road by offering spaces which respond to the needs of those who frequent this district.

Lastly, residential units along the supporting wall of the Parc Central will introduce a smaller scale, and enliven the road with active façades by adding new functions. At the same time, creating visual axes towards Parc Central to improve its accessibility and to accentuate the green framework crossing the plateau is important.


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