The tram and multimodal stations

The eight Luxtram stops are located on Avenue John F. Kennedy, every 500 metres, at strategic points linking with the Kirchberg business zones.

The Rout Bréck-Pafendall stop is located a few metres from the funicular railway (CFL), which is now the direct link between Kirchberg and the Pfaffenthal. Together, they form a train-funicular-tram interchange. Comprising two separate lines, 200 metres in length, each with two cars, the funicular covers the 40-metre descent in 63 seconds. Capable of transporting 168 people per cabin, the funicular can carry up to 7,200 people in an hour. At the foot of the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge is the CFL station, a stop for trains coming from the north of the country and from the city centre station, the Gare Centrale.

The Philharmonie-Mudam stop is located between the Place de l’Europe and the European Court of Justice. On the south side of Avenue John F. Kennedy, it currently serves the European Institutions housed in the two towers of the Porte de l’Europe, the Philharmonie de Luxembourg, the ministries installed in the Alcide de Gasperi Tower, the European Convention Centre Luxembourg, the Melià hotel and the cultural centre of the Parc des Trois Glands, with the Mudam and the Musée de la Forteresse. On the north side, passengers can get to the European Court of Justice and the European Investment Bank (EIB). This stop also serves the mixed-use complex Infinity, home to the Sofitel, Novotel and Mama Shelter hotels.

The Europaparlament/Parlement Européen stop is located to the right of the piazza of the Konrad Adenauer 2 Building, which is now home to all the departments of the European Parliament Secretariat, and not far from the European Court of Auditors in Rue Erasme. On the south side, it will be reachable by those living in the future JFK South residential district.

The Coque stop mainly serves the National Sports and Cultural Centre and Parc Central, with its leisure facilities. The Universitéit stop is located between the university area, bordering on Parc Central, and the K2 complex of offices and shops at the corner of Avenue John F. Kennedy and Rue Coudenhove-Kalergi. The Nationalbibliothéik/Bibliothèque Nationale stop is located, as its name indicates, by the National Library. Tram users can easily access the office buildings in the new construction fronting onto the north side of Avenue John F. Kennedy, and also the banks in Rue Jean Monnet.

The Alphonse Weicker stop occupies a strategic position in what is currently the most densely-built area on the Kirchberg, with the shopping centre to the north of Avenue John F. Kennedy, and to the south the mixed-use district of Grünewald, with its residential buildings and offices, together with the Kirchberg health centre.

The Luxexpo stop is part of a bus-car-tram interchange that can be accessed from the Serra roundabout. A collection of buildings with a gross surface area of 10,400 m2 (designed by Steinmetzdemeyer and Pohl architects) is home to offices and small businesses, and the Kirchberg Fund will complete construction of a five-floor car park above the bus station in April 2021. This P&R facility can accommodate up to 595 cars. It is available for short- or long-term parking, as well as for permit parking.


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