European Institutions

The expanding European District


The redevelopment of the European District is currently at an intermediate stage between the buildings dating from the 1970s and their planned long-term configuration:


  • The European Court of Justice and its fifth extension, with a third tower officially opened in 2019 and the expansion of the piazza, with a square building added in its north-east corner;
  • The layout, fronting onto Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, of the Jean Monnet 2 building (120,000 m2), with an elevated level denoting this new space, and a reserve of land covering 30,000 m2 on the current Jean Monnet 1 site;
  • Construction of a third extension to the European Investment Bank, to the north of the second extension, comprising a 7-floor building and a 16-floor tower;
  • The enlargement of the European Parliament Secretariat;
  • The island extension of the European Court of Auditors.

With regard to the roads and the public space, the configuration will be as follows:

  • Relocating Rue Charles-Léon Hammes and extending Rue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to create a square road grid, in line with the urban development plan for the fifth extension of the Court of Justice and the island construction for the Jean Monnet 2 project;
  • Redeveloping the secondary roads (Rue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Rue Albert Wehrer) in the axis of the main buildings, creating new urban perspectives.
  • Temporary location for a Garden of Multilingualism, in the extension to the piazza of the European Court of Justice (in a space reserved for European Institutions).

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