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Sustainable investments

Since locating on the Kirchberg, the European Investment Bank has called on the services of visionary architects at the formal and technical level.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the European Union’s investment banking institution. It has its own remit, while also acting as a partner to the various Member States. Since it was established in 1958, the EIB has invested over EUR 1,000 billion. Its mission is to contribute to the objectives of the European Union through its financial investments. Its activities are targeted on the following areas: climate action, the environment, innovation, infrastructure, SMEs, social cohesion and development.

The EIB located its headquarters on the Kirchberg, bordering the Plateau area, in 1980. The mother building is in the "brutalist" style and was designed by Sir Denys Lasdun, a British architect who also designed the first extension, built into the northern slope of the Plateau. One of his fundamental ideas is the "architectural landscape", or the arrangement in terraces, in the verdant surroundings of the north-western extremity of the Kirchberg.

For the 1990 extension of the EIB, Lasdun implemented traditional aspects by referencing the fortifications of Vauban. The architecture draws its formal vocabulary from the geology on the one hand, whilst equally expressing his love of superimposed platforms and terraces.

The second extension was realised by the German architects’ office of Ingenhoven Overdiek, and was inaugurated in 2008. The building is in the form of a transparent shell. The wings of offices are arranged in a "W" form. The interstitial spaces define atriums planted with trees and serving as climate regulation zones.

The EIB is currently building a third extension with a surface area of 50,000 m2, on land running beside Boulevard Konrad Adenauer to the north-east of the second extension. In line with the Fund’s specifications for urban development, the building will comprise a seven-floor core building (ground floor + six upper levels, with the final level being set back) running along Boulevard Konrad Adenauer and at most five floors on the Val des Bons Malades side, together with a 16-floor tower (including a technical floor) opening onto a piazza, to make the transition to the second extension. From this piazza, a pedestrian link is similarly planned with the valley, which will be open to the public. The future building will mainly house the staff, currently working in the mother building. As this has reached its end-of-life, that building will be renovated.


The mother building, designed by Denys Lasdun
The 2nd extension
The new building currently under construction

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