Laby-Foot: a football field in a labyrinth

For this year's  1+1 biennial, organised jointly by Casino Luxembourg and the Fonds Kirchberg, the artist Benedetto Bufalino was invited to propose a work for the plant labyrinth in the Parc Central Kirchberg. His creation can be visited from 25 June to 9 September 2021.

The installation Laby-Foot by artist Benedetto Bufalino is located near the National Center for Sport and Culture – d'Coque. As its name suggests, Laby-Foot is a football field reinvented for the green labyrinth of the Kirchberg central park. Its unusual shapes and materials allow the public to explore it, participate in football matches and rethink the rules.

Laby-Foot was specially created for the 1 + 1 art biennial organized by Casino Luxembourg in collaboration with the Fonds Kirchberg. With his playful creations in places of art, but especially in public spaces, Benedetto Bufalino (who is also a member of the Association for the Diffusion of Graphic and Plastic Arts - ADAGP) offers sensitive and poetic works: “Our everyday life is considered as a playground in order to look at it differently and to magnify it. I wish, with my facilities, to invite people to "take the time to live".  With Laby-Foot, the round ball explores a new dimension: it gets lost and takes shortcuts in a space at the crossroads of the labyrinth and the football field.

The artist’s project invites 4 weeks of tournaments, over a period covering the artist’s residency and beyond. 

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