Guided tours of the Arboretum

Discover the surprising vegetation of the Kirchberg and its collection of trees of European origin with the biologist Thierry Helminger from the naturmusée! Once a month, between April and October, go for an instructive walk through the parks! Different topics are offered throughout the season.

Calendar 2021

  • Wednesday 28 April – RW/PC : Apple trees in bloom
  • Wednesday 26 May – KL : Orchides
  • Wednesday 30 June – RW/PC : Oaks and beech trees
  • Wednesday 28 July – KL : Multicoloured diversity in the steppe
  • Wednesday 25 August – RW/PC : Acorns, beechnuts and other fruits
  • Wednesday 15 September – KL : Flowers, fruits, seeds
  • Wednesday 20 October - RW/PC : Autumn colours


Start 18h00

Parc Klosegrënnchen (KL): park entrance, Rond-point Serra (closest bus/ tram stop: Kirchberg, Luxexpo)

Parc Réimerwee/Parc Central (RW/PC): park entrance, rue Coudenhove-Calergi ( close to the bus stop ‘Coudenhove-Kalergi’)

Duration 90 minutes, free of charge


COVID-19 preventive measures

The number of participants is limited to 9 +1 persons.

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