Kiem West Lot 1

Lot 1 of the PAP Kiem West is located in the southern section of the Kiem West district, between Rue Simone de Beauvoir to the east and the heart of the island site. The project comprises three buildings situated in the heart of the island site, and three buildings aligned on Rue Simone de Beauvoir, with a total of 102 dwelling units (apartments and duplexes), built under the Kirchberg Fund’s affordable housing policy. It opens onto a landscaped area in the western part of the island’s centre, which will be home to a public park.

Number of dwellings: 92

Developer : Baumeister-Haus Luxembourg

Architects / urban architecs / urban architects: Temperaturas Extremas (Spain) et Proap paysagistes (Portugal)

Project status: under construction

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