Réimerwee Ensemble 3

Four buildings – a family feel

Built by the SNHBM, Ensemble 3 in the PAP Réimerwee East and West will comprise four buildings, with a total of 94 apartments (60 for sale, 34 as social rent). The project has been signed off by the Austrian architects’ office AllesWirdGut.

Like a family, two large and two small buildings come together. The two linear buildings are located at the north-eastern edge of the development zone, with the north-west side bordering onto Boulevard Konrad Adenauer. To the south, the complex opens onto Parc Réimerwee. The differentiation in the built volumes gives the complex as a whole a heterogeneous and varied aspect, like the different members of a family. In the linear island building fronting the road, all the apartments are oriented towards the park and have a balcony or terrace. In the buildings located on the park side, the apartments are open on all sides, making it easier to create units of housing whose configuration is highly adaptable. The stairwell extends into a shared space, with a shared terrace. The façades of the buildings are structured horizontally, with the white bands of the floor slabs extending out over the residential levels, allowing space for spacious balconies. Surrounding balustrades reinforce the dynamic effect of the volumes.

Technical file

Residence Vela

Start of works: January 2018

Delivery: June 2020

Number of dwellings: 34 (sale)


ResinbdencEnir, Mira, Juza

Start of works: January 2018

Handover of the keys : Enir : February 2020 / Juza : June 2020/ Mira September 2020

Number of dwellings: 60 (sale)

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